A Las 3 De 1 Vez
La Andariega Theatre Dance Company
Two Young Victims Of Family Abuse Find Refuge In An Abandoned Amusement Park
Afro-Cuban Dance Performance (Africa Day)
Compañía de Danzas tradicionales de cuba JJ
Enjoy A Powerful Afro-Cuban Dance Performance
Aventuras Del Soldado Desconocido
The Spirit Of A WWI Soldier Longs To Dance In His Hometown Once More
Performance / Live Art
Artefactos Bascos
A Performance That Joins Great Artists In A Game Of Lines, Intersections & Spaces
Physical Theatre
Drak Theatre & The International Institute Of Figurative Theatre
Poetic Physical Theatre About That Notorious Bedtime Surge Of Energy
Physical Theatre
Magnet Theatre
An Energetic Invitation To Young Audiences To Consider The Dynamics Within Their Friendship Groups
Las Estaciones Theatre Company
Love Fantasy For Actors & Figures In Times Of Loneliness
Cartas De Niños
La Negra Maria Teatro
During A Military Coup, Pablo Communicates With His Father Through Letters, Fantasising About Their Reunion
Circus & Clowning
Teatro Tuyo
A Group Of Musi-Clowns On An Adventurous Search For A Concert Venue
Con Ropa De Domingo
Teatro Pálpito
A Rural Boy Longs To Become A Puppeteer In The Big City
Danny & Las Tíasaurias
Pen Proyectos Escénicos Para Niñeces
Danny Is Always Going "Grrrr!” Until He Is Kidnapped By The Terrible, Horrible Auntiesauruses
Participation / Street Theatre
El Modelo
Teatro Andante
Street Show - No Ticket Needed. Pepari’s Search For The Ideal Person & The Birth Of A New Family
El Puente De Piedras Y La Piel De Imágenes
Tijuana Hace Teatro
Momo And Mung Don'T Have A Common Language, But They Do Have A Shared Hope For The Future
Musical Theatre
Entre Sombrillas
Guiñol de Remedios Theatre
A Musical Variety Show, Suitable For All Audiences
Performance / Live Art
La Baracca - Testoni Ragazzi
In A Shop Window, Two Characters Use Non-Verbal Language To Explore Complex Notions Of Family
Los Cuenteros Company
Street Show - No Ticket Needed. A Unique Puppetry Experience, Combining Gestures, Attitudes And Actions In A Visual Tapestry
Inclusive Theatre
Os Náufragos Teatro
A Play About Autism Spectrum Disorder Addressing Empathy, Communication & The Beauty Of Diversity
La Casa De Las Historias
Ilusiones Libres Theatre
Explore The Care Of Other Creatures In A Fantastical House Filled With Artistic Animals
Musical Theatre
La Odisea Contada Como Sea
Grupo De Teatro Dionisio
Join Professor Anita On An Unexpected Journey Through The Odyssey, Helped By The Characters Themselves
Little Frank - A Story In Little Pieces
Projeto Gompa Collective
A Lonely Young Man Creates Someone For Company, But The Creature Doesn’t Come Out Quite As Planned
Los Ibeyis y el Diablo
Teatro Papalote
A Symbol Of Afro-Cuban Mythology
El Mirón Cubano
Little Mirabella And Her Animal Friends Take A Long Journey
Schön Anders / Beautifully Different
Ceren Oran & Moving Borders
A Playful And Poignant Dance Piece Exploring Identity And Belonging
Musical Theatre
The Sound Kitchen
Kuskus, Art Production
A Chef Who Has Lost His Sense Of Taste ‘Cooks’ Sounds, Creating A Multisensory Feast
Musical Theatre
To Hell With Paradise
The Batida Theatre Company
(Street Show - No Ticket Needed) - Experience A New Saga Of Forbidden Love, Deception, And Resilience In This Reimagining Of Two Famous Tagedies
Immersive Theatre
Ttok, Ttok, Ttok
Play BST
A Sensory-Friendly Performance Which Allows The Audience To Appreciate Each Other's Diverse Neural Abilities
Early Years
the Boy & the Ball
Stephen Noonan in partnership with The Paperboats
A Heartwarming Story About Making A Friend, And How One Friend Can Become Many
Érase Una Vez Un Pato
Teatro La Proa
A Puppet Parable Against Selfishness And Superficiality