Co-Creation With Children - What Are The Ways We Listen To & Create With Children?

How do we place the child at the center of an authentic creative process? How do we demonstrate the importance of writing your own story?
Performances for children take their vision and concerns as inspiration for the show.
This event combines an exhibition and dialogue.

Co-Creation: This seminar will give an overview of NIE and Michael Judge's practice of co-creating with children in educational and other contexts. It will give examples of techniques and practices that place the child at the heart of the creative process. Michael will offer examples of work in local contexts, as well as internationally across Europe and in Brazil. The session will explore the challenges and opportunities of keeping a focus on the intrinsic values of art, whilst collaborating with the secondary outcomes of education. 

Creating for Children. Does The Artist Propose Or Do They Listen To Their Audience?: The company Mafalda has been producing dance performances for children for more than 10 years. In this talk, the choreographer Teresa Rotemberg will present her experiences of working with the audience for whom she is creating the piece.

On several occasions, she has worked by inviting children to propose the themes that move them: listening to them, giving them space to express themselves, creating drawings, movements, sharing their feelings. The Company translates what the children have shared with them into the body movement, which is a universal language without words, and into physical and bonding dynamics. They can then recognise their emotions in these images. She has worked with children and adolescents from different socio-cultural contexts and in different countries (including Switzerland, Argentina and Colombia), with the genuine search to find differences and meeting points, and to create scenic universes that move and involve them.

This exhibition aims to be a trigger and a space for dialogue with other local and international artists. To make room for listening to different ways of creating for children and young people, to learn from each other and to enrich ourselves in the exchange. It does not seek to propose recipes or given paths, but the possibility of nourishing ourselves from the diversity and creativity of the participating artists.

Production Credits

Michael JUDGE, Associate Artistic Director NIE Theatre

Teresa ROTEMBERG, Artistic Director - Company Mafalda

About the Artists

Michael Judge is an award winning theatre director, who specialises in co-creating with children and young people. He has worked internationally, including across Europe, with the British Council in Brazil, and in Scotland at Dundee Rep. He is currently Associate Artistic Director at New International Encounter.


Born in Buenos Aires, Teresa Rotemberg founded her own MAFALDA Company in 1999 in Zurich, Switzerland. Since then she has been producing dance-theatre shows in Europe, aimed at children and young people, with a multifaceted approach inspired by the universe of the target audience. She has travelled extensively with her shows for children, including tours in Switzerland, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Panama, Nicaragua, and South Africa. Teresa also works as a manager of cultural transmission projects, and has created works with non-professional artists, teenagers and children. She has given workshops in Colombia, Argentina, Egypt, India, Germany, Switzerland, and more. In addition, she has worked as a guest choreographer for many renowned dance companies. In 2002, Teresa Rotemberg received the ‘Zurich City Award’ in recognition of her merits in the field of dance. In 2019 she received the ‘Swiss Dance Award’ for the show Vicky Raises the Candles!

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