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ASSITEJ ITALY presents VitaminAssitej | Projects In Flow / Progetti In Circolo:


In 2023, the executive committee of ASSITEJ Italy launched a call for proposals from networks of three or more ASSITEJ Italy Associates. The goal was to support initiatives that have a positive impact on the broader ASSITEJ association, as well as on children's theatre. Below are the projects that were chosen from the 2023 call: 


-‘Towards an Accessible Theatre for Young Audiences’ (verso un teatro ragazzi accessibile) This is an international training project on accessibility within the performing arts for audiences who might as be described as neurodivergent, or with complex needs. 


-‘Peekaboo’ (Cucù) This project aims to promote a national alliance between theatre artists, educators and pedagogists of early childhood (in particular ages 0-3), in order to implement an exchange of ideas and practices between them.


-'5 easy pieces' (5 pezzi facili) This project consists of 5 meetings within 5 Italian festivals to promote the cultivation of critical thinking among both audiences and operators in the theatre world. 



The aim of this session is to share and reflect on the possible strategies that each National Centre uses to reinforce connections and foster synergies on a global scale. 


Elevating Theatre For Young Audiences: Branding, Visibility, & Impact:


This workshop focuses on empowering national ASSITEJ centres to enhance branding, visibility, and impact in, and for, the field of TYA. We will cover: 


1. Branding and Visibility: Craft compelling brand identities, emphasizing ASSITEJ International. 

2. Professionalism: Uphold high standards in theatre management.

3. Relevance: Address issues critical to TYA; engage in strategic advocacy.

4. Getting Noticed: Effective marketing, strategic partnerships.

5. Advocacy: Formulate compelling arguments; lobby effectively.

6. Social Media: Create engaging content; build online communities.

7. ASSITEJ Network: Maximize membership benefits; enhance global networking.


This Interactive session will be facilitated by Theis Irgens and Ingvild Lien, who have 20+ years of theatre industry experience, including successful branding for ASSITEJ Norway. Our goal is to equip participants with strategies to elevate their organizations, amplify their messages, and advocate for TYA. 

Production Credits

Linda EROLI, Speaker
María Giulia CAMPIOLI, speaker
Marta GALLI, speaker
Simona DI MAIO, speaker 
Gessica CARBONE, speaker 
ASSITEJ Italia, Concept

Ingvild LIEN, CEO of ASSITEJ Norway
Theis IRGENS, Project & Festival Manager of ASSITEJ Norway

About the Artists

President of ASSITEJ Italia since 2020, Linda was born into an artistic family and grew up in a theatrical environment. Currently she is Artistic Director and Co-ordinator of Associazione 5T, an organization dedicated to promoting TYA and Puppet Theatre in the province of Reggio Emilia. She is responsible for organizing the theatre seasons and the cultural programs for schools and families. Linda is also involved in the production, distribution, and implementation of theatrical training projects, with a particular interest in internationalization processes. Since 2015 Linda has been collaborating with Accademia Perduta Romagna Teatri, Teatro Stabile dell'Emilia Romagna, as project coordinator and producer, and for Colpi di Scena, one of the prominent Italian TYA festivals.


Maria Giulia Campioli is the co-founder of the company Teatro al Quadrato and Artistic Director of Trallallero - International Theatre and Culture Festival for New Generations. In addition to these roles, she serves as a member of ASSITEJ Italy’s Executive Committee. She has performed in and directed dozens of shows for children and teenagers, and prefers original dramaturgies born from direct experimentation with the young recipients of the performances. With Trallallero Festival, she is a co-founder of ‘Chain Reaction Project’, which aims to improve networking and internationalization processes. She believes in the power of dialogue, and sharing quality time as a professional booster. In this world, there is enough space for everyone's dreams! 


Marta Galli is a Project Manager, Art Director and Executive Manager. After graduating in ‘Modern Literature’, she studied acting in Milan. In 2007 she founded ArteVOX Teatro, a theatre services agency and production company for adult and young audiences. Marta has also completed further studies in fundraising for culture, audience development, internationalization of creative companies, management for performing arts, and cultural planning. From 2016 to 2021 she worked as a tour manager for Teatro del Buratto in Milan. Passionate about community building and culturally based urban regeneration, she follows various projects in Milan and beyond. She is the executive manager of the national children's theatre festival Vimercate Dei Ragazzi Festival. 


Simona Di Maio is a trainer, director, actress and member of ASSITEJ Italy’s executive committee. She is also the co-founder of the company Il Teatro nel Baule, and artistic co-director of Teatro Bellini Kids in Naples. Simona has decades of teaching experience with children, teenagers and adults, has directed more than 20 theatre shows with students, and has coordinated several theatre projects for at-risk children in the suburbs of Naples. She collaborated with Complicite Theatre in London as a teaching artist in a project for young refugees, and she worked as partner and referent for the Italian educational pack for The Walk with Amal of Good Chance Theatre. She takes care of several other projects, including: 'Cucù' (Pekaboo), 'Tsunami Project', a new initiative aimed at promoting theatre accessibility and inclusivity in Naples; and Minuscoli\Maiuscoli, a festival that brings together young audiences with those over 65 years old, fostering meaningful connections and shared experiences through the theatre.


Gessica Carbone is the secretary general of ASSITEJ Italy. She is artistic and organisational director of Teatro Telaio in Brescia.


Ingvild Lien has more than 20 years of experience in the performing arts. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Acting from ALRA in London, a second Bachelor's Degree in Arts & Humanities, and a Master's Degree in North-American Area Studies from the University of Oslo. In addition, she has studied Arts Management, Culture Sociology and Leadership. Lien continues to work as an actor and director in TV and film, and manages her own theatre company, Memento. Since 2020, she has been the CEO of ASSITEJ Norway.


Theis Irgens has a Master's Degree in Arts from the University of Agder and a Bachelor's Degree in Drama and Theatre Communication from the Oslo MET. Since 2008, Theis has created numerous theatre productions for young audiences with the music and puppet theatre company Finken & B. With this company, he acts as director, producer, and puppet maker for their own productions, and collaborations with others, which he finds perfectly complements his role as Project Manager of ASSITEJ Norway.

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