Dialogue With Creators

With the aim of deepening the creative processes of the performances presented at the Voces de un tiempo Nuevo, the ASSITEJ Ibero American Network organize a series of talks with the members of the company. We aim to to promote an enriching exchange between artists from different latitudes, as well as between the artists and their audience.


Between three and five casts will meet to carry out the disassembly, analysis, and discussion of the previously presented works. The talks are open to other professionals as well as the audiences.


Participants will work in small groups coordinated by the organizers, to learn about the processes and motivations of the presented shows.


Two meetings will be held with Ibero-American and Cuban casts, with three or five companies each one.


The meetings will be held in Spanish and Portuguese with delayed translation into English. The coordinators will facilitate the language exchange.


The meetings will take place at the Casa de México in Havana.


Dialogue With the Creators 1
Thursday, May 30 - 11am
House of Mexico in La Havana

The Stone Bridge and the skin of images (Mexico)

The odyssey told any way (Argentina)

Batu (Brazil)

 Mirabella (Cuba)


Dialogue With the Creators 2
Saturday June 1- 11am
House of Mexico in La Havana

Letters from children (Chile)

Little Frank, a story in small pieces (Brazil)

Dany and the Thiasaurias (Mexico) 

Hugo (Spain)

Ropa de Domingo (Cuba)

Production Credits

Members of the ASSITEJ Ibero American Network from Argentina, Brazil and Mexico 
María Inés FALCONI, Organisation and Coordination
Cleiton ECHEVESTE, Organisation and Coordination
Ramón VERDUGO, Organisation and Coordination
Anelvi RIVERA, Organisation and Coordination

About the Artists

Members of the Ibero-American companies that will perform at the Congress. The diversity of backgrounds is an essential factor in the dialogue to share knowledge.
    • Adult Themes
    • Aimed Towards Adults
Primary Language
Spanish & Portuguese
Accessibility Information
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Event Format
All Contributors ‘On the Ground’