Performing Arts For Children & Young People In Iberoamerica And The Caribbean

The representatives of the ASSITEJ Centres established and in formation in Ibero-America and the Caribbean will give an overview of the situation of the Performing Arts for Children and Youth in our region. We will present objectives and projects for the future and will open a dialogue with those present with the aim of deepening links with artists from other regions.


Before the session (14:00) there will be a welcome and tour of Casa de las Américas by the critic and researcher Vivian Martinez Tabares. Director of the specialised magazine Teatro Latinoamericano Conjunto and of the Directorate of Theatre at Casa de las Américas, from where she organises the Temporada Mayo Teatral. 


At the end of the session, the documentary "TEATRO: UMA JANELA PARA A VIDA" (Brazil) will be shown, which shows theatre as a transformative element in the lives of young people in the communities. Through the history of Paideia, founded in 1988 by Aglaia Pusch and Amauri Falseti, the film shows how culture and art became essential in the lives of hundreds of young people who had the opportunity to participate in the production of plays always looking for new ways of language and artistic content of theatrical language. Since 2005 occupying a warehouse in Santo Amaro, Paideia holds the International Theatre Festival for Children and Youth, and the film shows this meeting of exchange experiences between young artists from all over the world and documents the work that became a reference in Theatre for Young People.

Production Credits

Eulalia Rivera (President ASSITEJ Spain)
María Inés Falconi (President ATINA, ASSITEJ Argentina)
Myriam Caprile (President ASSITEJ Uruguay)
Anelvi Rivera (Red Miradas, México)
Inés Bascuñán (President TEVEO ASSITEJ Chile)
Cleiton Echeveste (CBTIJ President Brasil)
Kenia Rodríguez Nuñez (President ASSITEJ Cuba)


Moderator: Irene Borges Lara (ASSITEJ Cuba)

About the Artists

The Ibero American Network of Performing Arts for Children and Youth was created as a Regional Network of ASSITEJ in 2005. Since then it has developed several projects and meetings to promote the development of the Performing Arts in the region such as workshops on taboo themes in theatre for children, the project 'Patios del Recreo', Publications, Research Forums, Meetings, Festivals and others. The Network brings together centres not because of regional proximity but because they share a common language, both Spanish and Portuguese, as well as a shared history and culture. It is integrated by representatives of the national centres of Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Cuba, Haiti and Spain with affiliated members of ASSITEJ from Peru, Portugal, Venezuela, Colombia, Dominican Republic.

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