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In this conference, we intend to generate a space for dialogue where the experiences carried out in Ibero-American schools, communities and territories that are present at the congress will be made known. It will be an exhibition table where Mexico, Brazil, Cuba and Chile, four member countries of the Ibero-American Network, will tell us about their experience on the subject and invite us to reflect on theater and its important role in education.


They will talk about the difficulties that these initiatives present in their respective countries and how they have finally managed to materialise and some have been maintained over time. The idea is to generate a bridge of learning and exchange of knowledge and strategies to address theatre in schools and territories, to understand how public policies work in the opening of creative spaces in education and of course to understand how theatre can be a tool for social transformation

Production Credits

Eilen Viñales TAMAYO, director of the Provincial Center of Culture Houses Theatrical Education

Jesús QUINTERO, Executive Director of Tijuana Hace Teatro

Juliano PEREIRA, Teatro da Pedra 

Rocio VILLEGAS, Education area at the AVANTI Foundation

About the Artists

Table participants 


Eilen Viñales Tamayo

Eilen is a graduate in Education and Art Instructor, director of the Provincial Center of Cultural Houses Theater Education in Primary Education 

Eilen is an outstanding art instructor with a long career in the theater field, who has held various positions throughout her career. With comprehensive training at the School of Art Instructors and extensive work experience at different educational levels, from primary school to university education, he has demonstrated his commitment to education and culture. He has received numerous awards and recognitions for his work, both locally and nationally, standing out for his leadership and skills in organizing cultural and community events. His internationalist mission in Venezuela shows his dedication to promoting culture and art in diverse contexts. With studies in various areas and currently pursuing a doctorate in Educational Sciences, he demonstrates his constant search for professional growth and development. His work as National Vice President of the BJM and his role as a municipal government liaison show his continued contribution to the cultural and social development of her community.



Jesús Quintero (Executive Director of Tijuana Hace Teatro) 

It is an artistic and academic program of the Tijuana Hace Teatro company that brings together high school students between 14 and 17 years old from the public and private sectors of the Tijuana region, for three days annually. Here, they share the stage work that they perform in their schools, and participate in workshops and activities around theater made by and for young people. Together they can create a space for participation and free expression, where they can express their concerns through art. In its 14 years of life, it has included the participation of 116 works created by young people, 25 schools and more than 1,200 participating students.



Juliano Pereira - Teatro da Pedra 
São João del-Rei / Minas Gerais / Brazil 

Teatro da Pedra is a plural and diverse collective formed in 2015 by artists and educators who make a living from theater and believe in the transformative potential of art. Based in São João del-Rei (MG), it continues to research, create and produce theatrical shows daily, in addition to developing an educational project that serves children, young people and adults in the region. In the artistic field, it creates, produces and presents shows in theaters, schools, squares and streets, contributing to the formation of new audiences and the democratization of access to art. In the educational field, Teatro da Pedra offers theater, circus and history workshops. The objective is to promote access to art and reinforce the appreciation of cultural identity in the towns in which it operates, and it has already reached more than 10 different towns, reaching more than 15,000 students. Juliano Pereira is artistic director of the Teatro da Pedra, with a degree in Performing Arts from the Faculty of Communication at USP and a master's degree in Education from UFSJ (Federal University of São João del-Rei).



Rocio Villegas
In charge of the Education area AVANTI Foundation

The Avanti Interschool Festival, organized by the Avanti Foundation in Chile, stands out as the largest theater, music and visual arts event between schools. Since its inception, it has sought to promote artistic creation, cultural exchange and audience training, thus strengthening artistic education in the country. With significant reach and geographical coverage, the festival not only provides a platform for artistic expression of young people, but also creates a positive impact on participating schools, stimulating creativity and talent. Through collaborations and alliances with various institutions and artists, it promotes cultural diversity and projects itself as a reference in the promotion of artistic education in Chile. Avanti represents a movement that promotes creativity and cultural exchange, forging new generations of artists in the country.

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