Presentation on Participation from Young People

The presentation will be held by 5 speakers, members of ASSITEJ France with the support of a power point presentation.


Onda, in collaboration with Scène d'Enfance ASSITEJ France, has set up a working group to reflect on youth issues. It is made up of 10 programmers and public policy makers. We are examining the concerns currently affecting the youth performing arts creation sector. How can we work together to devise new ways of working that take into account the transformations that characterise young people today: their diversity, the role of digital technology, new forms of socialisation, militant political practices, different life contexts, etc... . There are many ways of being in the world that shake the institutional relationship with the performing arts offer that we have been providing to children and teenagers for years.


Camille Jutant, a Master's student in 'Cultural Projects' at the University of Lyon, will work with the group to put our debates into perspective and frame them in a process of shared reflection and writing. In collaboration with Scènes d'Enfance- ASSITEJ France, we will be particularly honoured to share the results of this work at the ASSITEJ World Congress in May 2024.

Production Credits

Feriel BAKOURY - Scène Nationale de Cergy Pontoise (Ile de France) 
Simon FLEURY - Scène Nationale de Dieppe (Normandie)
Sandrine MINI - Scène Nationale de Sète (Occitanie) 
Joan MOMPART - Théâtre AM Stram Gram (Suisse)
Sandrine WEISHAAR - Child and Youth Adviser at Onda 
Clarisse DUPOUY-GRETEAU - Head of International Activities at Onda

About the Artists

Feriel Bakoury - Scène Nationale de Cergy Pontoise (Ile de France) "Points communs":

Simon fleury - Scène Nationale de Dieppe (Normandie):

Sandrine Mini - Scène Nationale de Sète (Occitanie) " Theatre Molière":

Joan Mompart - Théâtre AM stram Gram (Suisse):

Sandrine Weishaar - Conseillere enfance et jeunesse à l'Onda 

Clarisse Dupouy-Greteau - Chargée mission activités internationales à l'Onda:

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