Workshop To Generate Dance Content For Children

Choreographer Teresa Rotemberg proposes a four-day laboratory for Cuban artists. We will visit a group of children, investigate their interests and concerns in order to bring this content to the research session. We will work among the artists, using the body and different materials.


We will generate short scenes that we will present to the group of children we visited, and to the general audience.


This workshop is designed for professional contemporary dancers, dance students, well-trained actors, physical theatre and acrobatic artists.


This programme is very limited in capacity - by booking a ticket please make sure you can commit to all 4 sessions. By reserving a ticket to the first session (28 May), you will be registering for the whole programme (28 May, 29 May, 31 May).

Production Credits

Teresa ROTEMBERG, Artistic Director - Company Mafalda 

About the Artists

Born in Buenos Aires, Teresa Rotemberg founded her own MAFALDA Company in 1999 in Zurich, Switzerland. Since then she has been producing dance-theatre shows in Europe, aimed at children and young people, with a multifaceted approach inspired by the universe of the target audience.


She has travelled extensively with her shows for children, including tours in Switzerland, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Panama, Nicaragua, and South Africa. Teresa also works as a manager of cultural transmission projects, and has created works with non-professional artists, teenagers and children.


She has given workshops in Colombia, Argentina, Egypt, India, Germany, Switzerland, and more. In addition, she has worked as a guest choreographer for many renowned dance companies.


In 2002, Teresa Rotemberg received the ‘Zurich City Award’ in recognition of her merits in the field of dance. In 2019 she received the ‘Swiss Dance Award’ for the show Vicky sets sail!

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