CHICKS* create a safe space workshop in which people who work with teenagers and/or theatre. They can exchange about their experiences with sex education, create their own small performances on the topic of sex, sexuality and gender, and get to know CHICKS* strategies of creating performances and performative formats of sex ed from a queer and feminist perspective. How can sex education and TYA be thought together? What performative strategies are needed for this? And why is it so necessary to understand TYA as an extended place of diverse sex education?


The workshop will provide insights into the work of CHICKS*, whose productions bring together theatre and sex education from queer and female perspectives. We will try out performative strategies together, acquire knowledge and develop performative moments of sex education. Sex education enables children and adolescents to have self-determination over their bodies and their approach to gender, and opens up a broad spectrum of possible lifestyles. This helps to prevent violence, and is indispensable for a diverse society. Right-wing conservative discourses try to prevent this, so it is all the more important that we take countermeasures and promote diverse sex education, made by queer and/or female persons.

Production Credits

Gianna PARGAETZI, Director & Workshop Leader
Mara MARTÍNEZ, Translation & Management
Laura KALLENBACH, Workshop leader & Dramaturg
Mikah HEITKOETTER, Workshop leader & Performer

About the Artists

Gianna PARGAETZI is a Co-founder, Theatre Facilitator, and Artistic Director of CHICKS*

Mara MARTÍNEZ is the Artistic Manager of CHICKS*

Laura KALLENBACH is the Dramaturg and Co-founder of CHICKS*

Mikah HEITKOETTER is a Performer and Co-founder of CHICKS*

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Primary Language
English, Spanish, German
Accessibility Information
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Event Format
All Contributors ‘On the Ground’