Landscape Of The Future: A Communal Story

Join us in contributing a 50 words of prose or poetry about your personal vision of what the landscape of theater for children and young people will be in the future. It can be based on something you experienced at the festival, in your own work in your country.


Please write in your first language.  If your first language is not English and you can translate it, please do, but this is not a requirement.


Please include your name, city, and country, and send to


This will become the Cuban version of the communal poem "Stories from the Cradle of Creativity" from the South African Congress in 2017 which you can see on this page.

Production Credits

Kim Peter KOVAC, Concept
Karin SERRES, Editor
Cleiton ECHEVESTE, Editor
Maria Ines FALCONI, Editor
Solange PERAZZO, Editor

About the Artists

Kim Peter Kovac is a producer and poet from the USA and one of the founders of the Write Local Play Global network.


Karin Serres is a playwright, novelist, and translator from France.


Cleiton Echeveste is a playwright, director, and scholar from Brazil.


Maria Ines Falconi is a playwright from Argentina who is also the prime mover of ATINA and the ASSITEJ Ibero-American network.


Solange Perazzo is a director and theater-maker from Argentina.

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This is about all festival participants creating. communal story analagous to this
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