Queer TYA Artists Gathering

Let's get to know and connect with each other as a first step towards creating an international queer working group within the frame of ASSITEJ. To this end, we have main questions we would like to explore:

1.) Which queer theatre makers for young audience are at the festival?
We will introduce each other and tell each other about the work we're doing and the working conditions we deal with.

2.) What kind of wishes and requirements do we have for TYA out of a queer perspective? We collect goals for TYA. We ask each other how TYA can deal with queer issues and deal with queer realities, and we ask how it might suggest diverse images of gender, desire and love.

3.) What do we want from an international queer working group within the frame of ASSITEJ? What could we as queer theatre makers give to ASSITEJ and what could we get of such a working group?

Production Credits

Marietheres JESSE, Workshop Leader CHICKS* English
Nathaniel JACOBS, Workshop Leader
Mara MARTINEZ, Workshop Leader CHICKS* Spanish

About the Artists

Marietheres Jesse is a talented and influential theatre maker, performer, and theatre facilitator residing in Berlin. In 2015, they co-founded the groundbreaking CHICKS* freies performancekollektiv, a queer-feminist group that focuses on creating innovative and thought-provoking theatre projects. Within this collective, Marietheres develops captivating performative pieces, conducts feminist theatre workshops, and pioneers the concept of performative sexual education. One notable accomplishment is their production, LECKEN, designed for individuals aged 14 and older. Marietheres Jesse's dedication to breaking boundaries and pushing the boundaries of traditional theatre is evident in this powerful work. Marietheres Jesse's academic background includes a degree in cultural studies and aesthetic practice from the esteemed University of Hildesheim. Their specialization in theatre has equipped them with a deep understanding of the art form's nuances and complexities. Furthermore, Marietheres possesses a certification as a trainer for social justice and diversity, highlighting their commitment to promoting inclusivity and equality within their work.


Nathaniel Jacobs is a highly devoted and passionate individual who has made significant contributions to the field of dance and youth development. His remarkable journey commenced at Worcester Secondary High School in 2008, where his profound love for movement and expression began to flourish. Seeking to broaden his skills and knowledge, Nathaniel embarked on dance training at the prestigious University of Cape Town in 2012. During this time, he immersed himself in the unparalleled atmosphere of Jazzart Dance Theatre, honing his abilities and gaining invaluable experience. Notably, Nathaniel participated in Jazzart's esteemed one-year dance leadership program in collaboration with Chrysalis Academy. This transformative initiative emphasized a holistic approach to performing arts, nurturing technical expertise alongside personal growth and leadership skills. In 2019, Nathaniel undertook a career transition focused on youth development and community empowerment in his hometown of Worcester. He initially joined Tussen Die Berge Dance Company, actively contributing to fostering a positive environment for aspiring young dancers. Building upon this experience, Nathaniel co-founded Rebirth Dance Company in 2021, an organization dedicated to empowering and inspiring the youth through the transformative power of dance. As the company's administration manager, he adeptly handles organizational duties while simultaneously teaching dance classes and performing in their captivating productions. Beyond his work with Rebirth Dance Company, Nathaniel's drive for youth empowerment and community development led him to become a facilitator for the STAND FOUNDATION and CACNET (Community Arts Centres Network) program. Through engaging workshops, Nathaniel shares his expertise and knowledge with underprivileged youth and young adults in the Western Cape, enabling them to nurture their talents and achieve personal growth. In addition to his dance-related endeavors, Nathaniel recently assumed the role of program director for the 2023 Department of Arts and Culture. In this influential position, he plays a pivotal role in organizing and overseeing various arts programs, making a profound impact on the cultural landscape. Furthermore, Nathaniel actively works with the queer feminist film festival (QFFFF), showcasing his unwavering dedication to the queer movement and advocating for its continuous progress. Nathaniel Jacobs is an extraordinary individual who exemplifies dedication, professionalism, and a genuine desire to make a positive impact on the lives of others. Through his remarkable work in dance, youth empowerment, and his advocacy for the queer movement, he continues to inspire and uplift individuals, communities, and the arts as a whole.

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