Beyond The Shadows
This is an interactive workshop to develop skills in shadow puppetry and engage with communities of all cultures and abilities. Shadow puppetry is uniquely accessible for young people to explore issue based themes, and to be creatively expressive, exploring the most ancient and popular form of puppet theatre. There is great expression and inclusivity, an opportunity for all to have a voice and join together in global unity. The shadow world holds a poetic space for young people to be expressive in many forms; a transformational world where simple materials become magical. Young people today can be empowered by an accessible art form, learning construction & design of shadow puppets/scenery and creating a unique presentation.

Production Credits

Rachel RIGGS, Creative Director

About the Artists

Rachel Riggs originally trained in 'Drama and Community Arts' at Manchester University, before going on to study 'Puppetry and Theatre Arts' at RCSSD, London. She worked extensively in theatre and television before founding DNA Puppetry & Visual Theatre. After obtaining her Masters Degree in Fine Art, and receiving an award for her work as an Early Years Professional in 2010, Rachel moved to Australia. Her professional development continued, and she made projects with The Song Room, Community Arts Network, Awesome Festival and Sensorium Theatre.


She has presented work at festivals in Iran, Kazakhstan, China, Malaysia, South Africa and Indonesia, developing internationally her ‘Imaginary Leaps’ methodology of play theatre research.

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Portrait of Rachel Riggs shadow puppeteer
Rachel Riggs shadow puppeteer at Fremantle Arts Centre, Western Australia
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