Masterclass Danza Contemporanea de Cuba

Join us at this Master Class of the emblematic Danza Contemporanea de Cuba - DCC.

Today Cuba is one of the mainstays of modern and contemporary dance in the continent, an indisputable reference. And we have to thank the founding masters for that. And to the company they created.

First the Department of Modern Dance of the National Theater, then the National Dance of Cuba, then the current Contemporary Dance. Several denominations, only one company. Because throughout these decades the public and the critics have witnessed the evolution of poetics, which has its bases in the Cuban technique of modern dance, another authentic achievement of that movement, but that did not stay there, because it has been enriched with multiple dialogues with creators, schools, styles.

DCC has been the mother of a good part of the groups, whose forgers were formed in Dance. And even today it is perfectly possible to find dancers and choreographers coming from Danza Contemporánea de Cuba in almost all the casts of the country.

Danza Contemporánea de Cuba has been, in short, inspiration, reference, and stimulus. And it is one of the emblems of Cuban culture. From the founders to the current generations have contributed a lot.

And 65 years after its foundation, the company still has a lot to say on stage. It continues to be a young, thriving company, a space for renewal.


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