Child Psychodrama With Puppets In Community Spaces

The theoretical and methodological foundations of psychodrama, and specifically child psychodrama, will be presented. This is an experience that has been developing for eight years using Psychodrama and puppets in psychological orientation and education through art. Participating children have been of school age, in various socio-cultural spaces in Old Havana and Central Havana.

The process of Child Psychodrama will be described in a meeting, and in the transition from the initial meetings to the final ones. In this process, the children identify difficult situations in their daily lives, past or present, as well as feared situations in the future. They explain their scene, and choose the puppets that will represent the characters of their scene. They also choose the assistants who will manipulate these puppets. Of course, they choose or make the puppet that will represent themselves.

The children's voices of a new world invite us to rethink our professional practices, to make them more flexible, to create spaces of inclusion and respect so that the children are an active part of the necessary changes in our practices and work.

About the Artists

Pedro Mongeotti Ramírez has an educational background specializing in Psychology. He holds a degree in Psychology from the University of Havana, where he also acquired a Master's degree in ‘Psychodrama and Group Processes’ in 2017. Furthermore, he qualified as a Specialist in Community Project Management at CIERIC in 2009.


Pedro has served as an Assistant Professor at the Universidad Pedagógica E.J. Varona since 2000. 2009, and works as a psychotherapist at the esteemed Community Mental Health Centre of Old Havana. Pedro contributes to the popular radio program "Primera Plana" on Radio COCO.

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