Dismantling Little Frank

Presentation of the play "Little Frank" with a discussion for professional audiences. 


This classic story is a starting point for discussions about childhood, growth, loss, isolation, bullying, friendship, self-esteem, creativity, and acceptance of oneself and others. Victor Frankenstein is a weird and lonely young man who, almost accidentally, creates someone to keep him company. However, the Creature doesn't come out exactly as he intended – after all, almost nothing comes out quite as we want it. Victor needs to learn that Little Frank has its own will and is quite different from what he initially imagined. But this is not something bad – on the contrary, it might be beautiful and fun! The two have great adventures together as they transform themselves and accept their differences.


The story is told through narration, theatre, dance, visual arts, and an original soundtrack. By creating a dialogue between science, biology, literature, and physics, the play instigates the young audience’s imagination and creativity. In this adaptation, we pose fundamental questions about the acceptance of others and oneself, and various ways of being and belonging. The so-called ‘monster’ builds its identity from fragments, which are reflected not only in its body but in its language too.

Production Credits

Fabiane SEVERO, Cast
Thiago RUFFONI, Cast
Camila BAUER, Direction
Carlota ALBUQUERQUE, Movement Direction 
Marco Catalão, Script
Álvaro ROSACOSTA, Sound Design
Elcio ROSSINI, Scenography & Props
Ricardo VIVIAN, Lighting
Daniel DE LION, Costume

About the Artists

Projeto GOMPA is an award-winning Brazilian collective of artists created in 2014. They are focused on experimenting with dramaturgical and scenic language, and researche possible intersections between theatre, dance, music, visual and audiovisual arts. The emphasis is often on the fusion of different arts as a narrative principle, and the creations are made in collaboration with artists from different schools and companies. The group also has a special focus on experimenting with languages ​​that expand the limits of what we understand as theater for adults and theater for children and youth.


All of the company's performances are active and traveling around Brazil. Currently, the collective is in a phase of internationalization, seeking to take its work to different territories, interacting both with children and adults, bringing light to the art created in South America and, specially, in south Brazil.

    • Professional Content
Primary Language
Portuguese, English, Spanish
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Event Format
All Contributors ‘On the Ground’