Sharing Practices / Dancing Kitchen
This event embraces the topic of ‘exchange,’ which is central to the Young Dance Network. We will be interrogating how we can connect with the local and regional scene, and then tailor and create work together. As we carefully navigate finding ways to build structures in non-hierarchical ways, we have taken steps to understand what is needed from a local perspective to foster the dance field for kids in Cuba. Our goal is to bring practitioners wanting to share their knowledge and their practice into a format that can facilitate exchange and encounters on a practical level.
DANCING KITCHEN is a task-based game that invites us to improvise a metaphorical meal together, contrasting different ideas we have about similar elements that we use in creation.
What’s your favorite food?
What's one favorite artistic element of your work?
(An improvisation tool? an scenography element? A movement you like to use?)
What would you bring to cook with other artists?
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Primary Language
English & Spanish
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Event Format
All Contributors ‘On the Ground’