Cartas De Niños

Cartas de Niños, or ‘Children's Letters’, is a family play inspired by the perspectives of those who grew up in a dictatorship. Their views and thoughts are captured in letters and drawings, which they make for their parents who have been detained or disappeared.


The story follows Pablo and his two friends, Ana and Miguel, living in Chile in 1973 – the height of the military coup. Pablo's father is kidnapped, leaving his son to communicate with him through letters, and to fantasise about their reunion. Sensitively and poetically told, the play encourages the audience to revisit historical memories while simultaneously delving into the world of children, and their unique perspectives and experiences.


It is best suited to audiences of six years and older, and includes 15 minutes of discussion at the end.

Production Credits

Francisca BORDIGNON, Actress
Maximiliano MUÑOZ, Actor
Mario ESPINOSA, Actor
Alejandra CABALLERO, Company Director / Sound Technician
Inés BASCUÑÁN, Producer / Lighting Technician


About the Artists

Since 2006, the La Negra María Teatro company has worked with three purposes: to configure a theatrical experience that sensorially stimulates the viewer; to develop quality theatre for children and young people, which considers children as essential thinking beings in the process; and to build a generation of theatre audiences in our country. We experiment with the imagary and imagination of our culture, where history, aesthetics, movement, music and interaction with the public are at the service of these objectives. We have conceived 4 montages, Tiny Stories (2006), Her World (2008), Children Who Were Great (2015) and Letters from Children (2018), all created with the support of the National Fondart. At an international level we have participated in different festivals, including:


WORLD FESTIVAL OF PUPPET ART PRAGUE 2009, obtaining the Award for the Young Company with the Greatest Artistic Perspective of the Event, awarded by the World Association of Puppeteers (WAP); LUCEAFARUL Iasi INTERNATIONAL THEATER FESTIVAL FOR CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE (FITCT) in Romania; Caracas Venezuela Puppet Festival (2010), touring all the rural schools of Guárico (Venezuelan plain); EITAI FESTIVAL OF QUERÉTARO IN MEXICO (2010); COLONIA TOVAR INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL 2011; KAZAKHSTAN INTERNATIONAL PUPPET FESTIVAL 2011, where we won the AWARD for “Best Puppet Staging and Design” and the nomination for best actress; Itaú Cultural 2019; Paideia Brazil 2018 and 2019; FestivalL Belo Horizonte 2023; IPAY Madison 2017 and IPAY Philadelphia 2020.


At the national level, we have participated in different venues such as GAM, M100, Pueblito Dominicos, Amphitheater of Fine Arts, Ictus, Estación Mapocho, Catholic Extension Center and many more. We have made national tours to the north of Chile passing through 10 cities, in the Metropolitan Region passing through 6 provinces, and a Tour through the south of Chile in the 8th, 6th, 7th and 8th Region, adding Punta Arenas and Coyhaique. We have also participated in different national festivals, Lluvia de Teatro, Famfest, Santiago Off, FEIM. We have been promoters of the Te Veo ASSITEJ Chile Association, helping to create its festivals MAE (8) and FITA Chile (2). Today we have been invited to participate with our assembly Letters from Children to the ASSITEJ World Congress, which will take place in Havana - Cuba in May 2024.

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