Opening New Worlds With Sign Language

Rachel Nip and Faaiqah Alkaff from Hello, How Do You Move? will share some lessons learnt from their experiences collaborating as Deaf and hearing artists through the recent works they have created for Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing children and families at The Artground and Esplanade (Singapore).


Come to this session to exchange ideas about best practices in building partnership among disabled and non-disabled artists to create accessible TYA works as well as conversations about representation, access resources, and training opportunities for disabled artists. 

Production Credits

Ammar AMEEZY, Co-Director & Performer 

Rachel NIP, Co-Director; Producer & Performer

Faaiqah ALKAFF, Concept & Performer

Clara CHEE, Singapore Sign Language Interpreter


About the Artists

Hello, How Do You Move? is a collective started in 2019 by Ammar ‘Ameezy’, a Deaf choreographer, performer and filmmaker, and Rachel Nip, a hearing choreographer and performer in dance and theatre. The collective collaborates with other Deaf and hearing artists to create projects inspired by Deaf culture, language and perspectives. Favourite projects include Hello, How Do You Move? (The Theatre Practice), Tell-Tale Signs (ART:DIS) and KINetic, a Virtual Reality dance created with The Doodle People and Ang Ga-Young. 


They are joined by Faaiqah, a Deaf dancer and interpreter who has performed locally and abroad.


Faaiqah performs as part of Redeafination, Singapore's Deaf hip hop dance crew. Faaiqah is passionate about Singapore Sign Language (SgSL), her first language, and uses it in children's storytelling. She aspires to be a role model to Deaf children. Together, they are excited to step into the world of TYA as part of The Artground (ASSITEJ Singapore) Groundbreakers, 2023. By creating new theatrical experiences for Deaf, Hard-of-Hearing and hearing children, they hope to share the joys of sign language, sign mime and movement.

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Photo of cast members of Watch Me Watch You (The Artground)
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