International Exchange Perspectives

Combined session presenting Cuba and European landscapes for international projects.

International Collaboration with Cuba - Margarita Flavia Guillén Vilella will give a presentation from the institutional point of view as Director of International Relations of the National Performing Arts Council of Cuba. 

Talking To The Mammoth: As international relations are plunged into a constant and deepening crisis, maintaining a flow of TYA artistic projects between Europe (where much of the money and public support originates), and the rest of the world is a big challenge. Even so, it is important to remember that we still all need each other. This event will be structured as follows:


Session A (60 minutes) 


1 - A selection of resources for training, touring, and collaborating, based on ‘On the Move’s’ handouts and other sources.

2 - Inspiring examples of peer-to-peer artistic collaborations.

3 - Carbon footprint and cultural inequalities: how to relax?


Session B (60 minutes)


Our goal in this session is to define the conditions of a fair dialog between professionals, in a context of deep economical imbalance. With this in mind, it seems essential to find ways to overcome preconceptions and to allow each partner to express what they are after in a straightforward manner. I will try to emphasize what is the most relevant in terms of communication, for someone willing to tour in Europe, based on a series of interviews with European programmers.

Using this information, I explore the following questions: What kind of proposals make sense nowadays in their season? What is essential to an application, and what is secondary? What would encourage a programmer to overcome all the challenges related to hosting a non-European performance? 

Production Credits

Flavia Guillén Vilella

François Fogel

About the Artists

Margarita Flavia Guillen Vilella - Director of International Relations of the National Performing Arts Council of Cuba

François Fogel was formerly the Manager of International & Communications at ASSITEJ France and served as an ASSITEJ Executive Committee member. Currently, he works as a photographer, agent, and facilitator of international projects.



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