Ttok, Ttok, Ttok

Ttok,Ttok,Ttok is a sensory-friendly performance specifically designed for children with developmental disabilities. However, it has been created with the intention of providing a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable experience for non-disabled families and guardians as well.


During this performance, the audience can observe and appreciate each other's diverse neural abilities in a comfortable environment, and can become friends through participation. The theme music of the performance is distilled into parts, and played on various instruments such as the gayageum, recorder, cello, haegeum, and xylophone. Through the use of simple object play, the performance aims to heighten the senses of all participants, enabling them to safely experience the artistic transformation facilitated by the lighting effects.


It was important to us that the audience feel at ease in the performance space and the venue. With this in mind, we have taken great care in our approach to the audience experiene, considering the entire process, from watching the performance to engaging in post-show activities, as part of the artistic experience. Our goal with Ttok, Ttok, Ttok is to provide neuro divergent children, and their families, with increased opportunities to enjoy the performing arts.


Before the performance, we provide a ‘Performance Guide,’ and a link to a video clip of the performance. All the videos provided include subtitles. A headset is also available for audiences who feel uncomfortable with sound during a performance.


There are performances of this production in Cuba which are only available to local young audiences with special needs. The performance which is able to be booked by delegates is being specially performed to give professionals an insight into this production.

Production Credits

In-Woo NAM, Director

Soree KIM, Actor

Ji-Ok KIM, Actor

Sira HUR, Actor

Aruem HWANG, Actor

Jae-Eun JUNG, Actor

Jinhee KIM, Producer

Seung-Chang LEE, Operator

Joo-Eon LEE, Operator

About the Artists

In-woo NAM, General Artistic Director of PlayBST, Director of Gamoonjang, Happy Prince, Boys did it, and many others 


Soree KIM, Actress of PlayBST, Best Actor Award of 2007 International theatre festival for children in Romania for Gamoonjang.


Sira HUR, Actess of PlayBST, performed in Gamoonjang, Bongjangchui, Happy Prince, and many others.

Publicity Info

Ttok,Ttok,Ttok Introduction in English
Ttok, Ttok,Ttok Introducción en español
    • Aimed Towards Children
Primary Language
Korean & English
Accessibility Information
  • Relaxed (adapted to people with communication difficulties, autism or sensory impairment)
Event Format
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