The Unspeakable In Playwriting

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"Language is my human endeavour. By destiny I have to fetch and by destiny I return empty-handed. But I return with the unspeakable." - CLARICE LISPECTOR 


The craft of writing for the theatre is a fascinating paradox. Whoever writes wants to take another to an experience that places him beyond the coordinates of space-time, beyond language and beyond the merely rational. However, in order to do so, we need to construct a world of words bounded in a specific chronotope. From this point of view, how to tell the unspeakable, what is the unspeakable, why unveil the mystery? By investigating the concepts of time, body and language we intend to explore new dramatic and aesthetic structures. In doing so, we will fertilise a dramatic writing intended for children and youth that accounts for voices for a new world.

About the Artists

Nieves Rodríguez Rodríguez (Madrid, 1983) has a PhD in Journalism from the UCM, a BA in Playwriting from the RESAD and an MA in Creative Writing from the UCM. She is a Margarita Salas Researcher with a project on the languages of exile in María Zambrano and creative writing as a means of knowledge. As a playwright for young audiences, she has written Trilogía de la amistad, comprising La siembra de los números (XXIX Prize for Theatre Texts for Children's Audiences from the Navarra School of Theatre), Lo que vuelve a casa (y otros árboles) (SGAE Prize for SGAE Award for Children's Theatre) and Semillas bajo las uñas (Scholarship in the IV Programa de Dramaturgias Actuales del INAEM, 2015).

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