Bodies At Play

By examining the spoken word as a precursor to physical experience, we aim to foster a space for dialogue where educators can exchange their experiences. Recognising that we live in a society that is often disconnected from the body, and acknowledging that it is essential to reflect on how the sharing and exchange of embodied knowledge occurs in artistic practices that focus on babies and infants in their first years of life.


Through our work, we have explored the close relationship between education and the performing arts, with the concepts of 'living fact, present and body' as key starting points for our reflections. These elements shape our approach to the early years, which are crucial both in terms of educational experiences and the creation of a living space.


By remaining open and responsive to the needs of young children, we believe that these moments of interaction can become opportunities for creativity and growth in real time. 

Production Credits

Mayela Guadarrama BRIONES, Teaching Artist
Jacobo Núñez PRIETO, Teaching Artist

About the Artists

Mayela Guadarrama Briones, originally from San Luis Potosí, S.L.P., is a professional in the field of performing arts. She obtained her degree in Dance at the Institute of Arts of the UAEH and a specialisation in 'Dance Research and Creation' at the Centre for Choreographic Research-INBAL. Mayela is also a graduate of the Bi-national Diploma (MX-ARG) in 'Theatre for Children and Adolescents' and the diploma course "The wisdom of the voice and the spoken word"-CEUVOZ. Certified as a Facilitator in 'Reggio Emilia Education' from the Reggio Emilia Pedagogical Alliance.


In addition to her academic achievements, Mayela is Artistic Director of ¡Caracoles! Danza Teatro, an independent company dedicated to the creation and realization of projects of Integral Artistic Education for babies and children. She recently participated in the AMEY (Artists Meet Early Years) programme of the VISIONI 2024 Festival in Bologna, Italy. Known for her multidisciplinary approach, Mayela is a facilitator and workshop leader in institutions and independent cultural spaces. She has received grants from various federal programmes for community cultural work and stage creation focused on early childhood development.


Jacobo Núñez Prieto, originally from Monterrey, Nuevo León, is a prolific director, choreographer, performer and actor. He completed his training in 'Investigación y Creación en Danza' at INBAL's Centro de Investigación Coreográfica. Jacobo holds a professional diploma in acting from the Casa del Teatro del CEDRAM, as well as from the 'Jóvenes a Escena' acting training programme of the Centro de las Artes de San Luis Potosí. He has also graduated from IVEC's 'Creative Enterprises' diploma course, the Diploma in 'Theatre and Society' at CEART SLP, and the Diploma in Critical Theory at the 17 Institute of Critical Studies as part of the 'Casa 4' collective. He also obtained the 'Reggio Emilia' certification in education from the Reggio Emilia pedagogical alliance.


As an actor, Jacobo has collaborated with numerous directors, companies and institutions in numerous national productions. He is Artistic Director of the collective '16 Teatro'. Jacobo currently works as Assistant Academic Director of the company 'Caracoles! Danza Teatro', he is a collaborator of the company Za.sil Artes vivas in San Luis Potosí and one of the co-founders of the theatre research collective 'Casa 4' in CDMX', he is a facilitator and workshop leader in independent spaces and various institutions.

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