In this workshop, we will explore a perceptive and sensitive approach to engage the body in a playful manner and encourage interaction through gestures, creative expression, and the creation of visual compositions. We will collectively and individually explore the diverse possibilities of public space. Drawing inspiration from the nature of being and the experiences of children in public spaces, we strongly believe in the importance of generating meaningful artistic encounters and promoting participation.


Our approach is rooted in the practice of drifting, observing and immersing ourselves in the dynamics of urban life. Through this, we seek to create a poetic experience where encounters with children inform and shape our creative process. As we intervene in the spaces, our bodies will transform them through imagination, creating an invisible geography that stems from memories and emotions. We will incorporate elements of surprise, provocation, and contemplation, aiming for an unconscious interpretation of the spaces, as suggested by the Theory of Drift.

Production Credits

José AGÜERO, Workshop Leader
Adrián HERNANDEZ, Workshop Leader

About the Artists

Teatro al Vacío (Argentina/Mexico) is a collective dedicated to research and creative exploration, offering alternative artistic proposals with and for children and young people. Since 2007, Teatro al Vacío has been fostering creative dialogue and embracing diverse artistic encounters, engaging in collaborative processes with children. At present, Teatro al Vacío focuses on creating impactful interventions in public spaces that encourage intergenerational dialogue and play, benefiting both children and adults.


Additionally, the collective coordinates and supports professional development in the field of performing arts for children. They conduct workshops in hospitals, schools, and festivals, as well as offer guidance and assistance in creative projects involving children and adolescents. Promoting children's rights to art and culture, as well as advocating for diversity and inclusion, is the core of Teatro al Vacío's mission. Their performances have been showcased in various scenic spaces and museums, as well as in schools, public squares, and alternative venues. Moreover, their work has been presented internationally in countries such as Germany, Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Poland, Austria, Turkey, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Bolivia, Uruguay, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Canada, the United States of America, China, Korea, and Japan.

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