The Sound Kitchen

This show combines performance and participation, by inviting audience members to play various simple instruments. In so doing, they become actively involved and receive direct physical contact with the performance. The theme of the Sound Kitchen is synaesthesia – or the intertwining of hearing with other senses, especially taste. The performance establishes connections between music and gastronomy in a multi-sensory theatre experience, demonstrating how these elements are intertwined in our everyday life and culture.


The story takes place in a kitchen, into which the audience are invited as guests. However, the chef has lost his sense of taste. How can he prepare food or cook, without this essential sense? He discovers that he can restore his sense of taste by creating and listening to sounds. By creating music, he replicates the feeling of preparing and tasting food, becoming a musician and composer who now ‘cooks’ sounds, tastes their infinite combinations, and enjoys the delicious sound extravaganza. His mouth has become his ears.

Production Credits

Peter KUS, Concept, Director, Music & Performer
Miha ARH, Co-Director
Boštjan GORENC-PIZAMA, Song Lyrics
Kuskus, Producer

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