Dismantling The Show "Okàn"

During this discussion, we will share the resources used by Teatro da Pedra to construct its shows. The activity will feature technical demonstrations of the work done by the group's artistic staff and scenes from the children's show 'Okàn.' This is the the company's latest production, which deals with African ancestry.


Teatro da Pedra is a group based in São João del-Rei - MG that continues to delve into research, creation and production of theatre shows, as well as developing an educational project that serves hundreds of children, young people and adults in the region. The work is carried out through collaborative processes based on body and movement studies proposed by Rudolf Laban, improvisation games by Viola Spolin, polyphonic acting by Ernani Maleta and research into musicality and the actor's vocality by Francesca Della Monica. For the productions, the artists look for a dramaturgy that provokes, through the content and the staging, a displacement that allows us to re-envision the world in the micro or macro politics of everyday life.

Production Credits

Juliano PEREIRA, Direction & Dramaturgy
Fernanda NASCIMENTO, Cast
Gustavo ROSÁRIO, Cast
Priscila MATHILDE, Cast
Guilherme TEIXEIRA, Musician
Ateliê Pano DE RODA, Costumes

About the Artists

Elis Ferreira is an actress, arts educator, writer, and Co-founder of Teatro da Pedra. She has a degree in Literature and a Master's in Theatre from UFSJ. Juliano has a Master's Degree in Education from UFSJ, a Bachelor's Degree in Performing Arts from USP, and is the Artistic Director of Teatro da Pedra.


Fernanda Nascimento is an actress, arts educator and poet. She has a degree in Literature, Theatre and Popular Singing. She is the Co-founder and Manager of Teatro da Pedra.


Gustavo Rosário is an actor, arts educator and Manager of Teatro da Pedra. He graduated in Theatre from the Federal University of São João Del Rei.


Priscila Mathilde is an actor and arts educator at Teatro da Pedra. She is a tambourine player and has a degree in Biology from UFSJ.


Guilherme Teixeira is a musician with Teatro da Pedra, a music graduate from UFSJ and a graduate of the PJMX Conservatory. 

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