The Nordic-Baltic House & Reception
Performance / Live Art / Pabellón Cuba - Café

Participate in the Nordic-Baltic Network's event, the Nordic-Baltic House, to explore artistic collaborations, professional development, cultural exchange, and networking.


Artistic Collaborations: We foster cross-border collaborations, resulting in innovative TYA productions.


Professional Development: Explore workshops, seminars, and training opportunities, gaining new TYA insights and skills.


Cultural Exchange: Immerse in Nordic and Baltic TYA, understanding our region's performing arts traditions and best practices.


Networking: Connect with TYA professionals, opening doors for future collaborations. The Nordic-Baltic House Concept: Cardboard House. This real, eco-friendly structure represents our region. Inside, engage in meaningful conversations, cultural exploration, and collaboration.


Have a Drink with Us: Enjoy regional drinks with fun facts, encouraging story-sharing.


The Value of a Conversation: Engage in one-on-one dialogues or explore ready-made topics on performing arts in our region.


Garden Party: Join a garden party with Nordic-Baltic tunes, dancing, and celebration. The Nordic-Baltic House fosters networking, cultural exchange, fun, and relaxation. We're dedicated to TYA, cultural exchange, and global collaboration. The Nordic-Baltic House tradition demonstrates our commitment.

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Nordic-Baltic Network

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The Nordic-Baltic Network is a dynamic and diverse collective of the national ASSITEJ centres of Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, all of which have vibrant TYA communities. We collaborate to strengthen TYA in and from our region, through the following principles:


  1. Cultural Exchange: We facilitate cross-border collaboration, promoting cultural exchange among our member organizations and artists. Our network encourages projects that showcase the rich diversity of Nordic and Baltic performing arts traditions while embracing innovative contemporary expressions.
  2. Professional Development: We offer various opportunities for artists and professionals to enhance their skills and knowledge in TYA. Workshops, masterclasses, and seminars are regularly organized to foster growth and innovation in the field.
  3. Networking: Our network serves as a platform for connecting artists, organizations, and stakeholders in the TYA sector. We believe that shared experiences and collective efforts lead to greater success and impact. Our network also gives us a solid foundation for more sustainable productions, processes and conditions.
  4. International Cooperation: We actively seek partnerships and collaborations with ASSITEJ centres worldwide to promote global solidarity and understanding in TYA.
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