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Hugo is different. He loves planes and he also plays the piano. Every day, he is visited by Laia, who loves to talk and take care of her plants.


Hugo has ASD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, but that just means he communicates differently. 


The play 'HUGO' seeks to spread the message that being different makes us great people. HUGO talks about empathy, the need to communicate with others and the beauty of difference.


HUGO is, in short, an encounter between two equal people with different ways of communicating.


HUGO has been awarded with the María Casares Prize for the Best Children's and Family Theatrical Show of 2022 in Galicia, Spain.

Production Credits

Gustavo DEL RÍO: Director; Author & Artistic and technical director.
Jimmy NÚÑEZ: Lead Actor. 
María ROJA: Lead Actress.

Daniel PAIS: Lightning and sound designer; Technician. 
Os Náufragos teatro: Set and Costume Design.
Antonio BERNARDINI: Producer & Direction assistant.
Sebastián CASANOVA: Graphic Designer.

Sponsored by the AGADIC (Galician Agency for Cultural Industries, part of the Department of Culture of the Regional Government of Galicia, Spain).


About the Artists

Os Náufragos Teatro is a Spanish company with extensive experience in childhood and youth, based on our carefully curated catalog of children's and youth shows, complemented by pedagogical activities such as workshops or meetings, and our performing arts school, Escola ON, in A Coruña.


Our works have a strong social background, educating in values and offering rewarding and innovative experiences for all ages.


'HUGO', our latest production, which addresses Autism Spectrum Disorder, has performed dozens of school functions throughout Spain, receiving various awards and recognitions, such as Best Children's Show at the María Casares Theater Awards.


We also highlight productions like 'WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE' and 'COMENOCHES', which have had long seasons of success. Additionally, we have conducted countless workshops with students at risk of social exclusion, as part of our award-winning work 'SILENCIADOS.'


Finally, it is worth noting that only our most recent cultural project, 'VINTE', which seeks to recover Picasso's historical memory in A Coruña and has been widely supported by Galician institutions, has allowed us to work with more than 150 primary and secondary school students in Galicia.

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