Rethinking Music In TYA

This seminar will rethink the contemporary use of music and sound in TYA. It will analyze the established forms of musical theatre and present its alternatives. Music is usually a secondary element, added later in the creative process of a theatre performance and is thus limited in its function.


In the case of "Musik-Theatre", a genre developed in the German speaking countries, an (often) classical musical piece is a starting point of a theatre performance. But there, in a reverse situation, other theatrical elements become secondary, a mere illustration of musical piece rather than its equal partners. 


Peter Kus will draw on his extensive experiences combining elements of musical performance, object, and drama theatre. Over the years, Peter has developed a unique form of sound animation, using original musical instruments that can be transformed into a stage set, props or animated objects. His aim is to bring music and theatre closer together in a new synergy. He will show the possibilities for including music into TYA in a more profound and meaningful way.


It is said that music is a powerful tool in the aesthetic education of children. However, music is rarely discussed as a topic inside TYA, and is also absent form networks and systematic theoretical considerations inside ASSITEJ. It is author's intention to raise awareness of this topic and to rethink its use and conceptual place in TYA.

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Peter Kus, Speaker

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PETER KUS is a composer, puppet theatre director, instrument builder, and educator from Ljubljana, Slovenia. In his projects, he explores intersections between music and theatre. His performances (created as co-productions with theatres form Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, Italy and Taiwan) have been invited to more than 90 international festivals. They have received over 30 awards for music, art design, direction, and originality.


Peter Kus is also an original musical instrument designer and builder. He is author of the internationally appraised interactive exhibition of musical instruments Garden of Sound. He works as a pedagogue and collaborates with universities, the National Institute of Education, and other art-education institutions from Slovenia and abroad (including Croatia, Austria, Italy, Iceland, Taiwan).

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