My Voice, Your Voice & The Space Between Us
Physical Theatre / A+ Espacios Adolescentes

We will be conducting two workshops, one aimed at children (6 to 12) and the other at teenagers (13 to 18). Our work is based on the idea that playing in theatre is an act of seeking the kind of play that children experience. Through play, we can find pleasure, faith and freedom. Our role is to open space and offer creative and expressive proposals that will invite young participants to share their voices and ideas.


The 4 days will have a sequence of experiences with movement in space, theatre games, music and visual arts. The focus on each of the first three days will be: Myself and the space/ Myself and others/ Myself and my expressivity.


For the sessions for children, our initial provocation will be the concept of OPPOSITE/ CONTRARY. We are inspired by the book Good and Evil (Oscar Brenifer) which brings philosophical issues through the idea of opposition.


For the teenagers, the starting point will be the ‘Speech Plays’ by Peter Handke, the play ‘I am not just that’ by Tuna Serzedello and parts of a book by Brazilian indigenous leader Ailton Krenak.


These works inspire us to create procedures and mechanisms of text/voice and movement/body, as we play with ideas about how to "postpone the end of the world."

Production Credits

Soledad YUNGE, Workshop Leader (Children)
Tuna SERZEDELLO, Workshop Leader (Teenagers)

About the Artists

Soledad Yunge is an Artistic Director and Producer of the theatre company she founded – Cia.Arthur-Arnaldo. She has worked as a Drama teacher for children and teenagers and, most recently, received her post graduate degree in Art Therapy. Soledad’s many previous qualifications were obtained from the University of São Paulo (ECA/USP), Ecole Philippe Gaulier, and Desmond Jones School of Mime & Physical Theatre. She has received the most prestigious grants and prizes in Såo Paulo, both as a theatre director and for work developed for young audiences with Cia.Arthur-Arnaldo.


Tuna Serzedello is an actor, director, drama teacher and playwright. With Soledad, he is an Artistic Director of Cia.Arthur-Arnaldo. Tuna has been writing, acting and directing for the company for 25 years. In addition, he has worked on international educational projects associated with the National Theatre (UK), aimed at new playwriting for young audiences. He has just published the book on theatre for youth "The theatre that changes the world. Experiences with young people." 

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