Changing Directions

Creating for young audiences is a changing and evolving endeavour. This is true not only in its forms and expressions on stage, but also regarding the interactive processes amongst artists and young collaborators or audiences.


ASSITEJ Germany has hosted ‘DIRECTORS IN TYA – An International Exchange’ since 1976, as an artistic exchange across borders. This project allows for constant questioning of one’s own means to broaden the personal and cultural lens. Many artists in German TYA are opening up for diverse voices and perspectives. By building on collective ideas, new working processes are developed that challenge and question the gap between so-called professionals and non-professionals, acknowledging the need of new and different competences on stage and in society.


This session introduces 6 artists based in Germany. Some are involved in community theatre or performative research, some create multi-disciplinary shows with children and young people, or create work by and for deaf persons, and others leave the black theatre box to encounter new spaces. After a short impulse from each artist, the participants will split up into 6 groups, each diving deeper in specific new methods of creating. They will not only explore the former input, but will be enriched by the practice, experiences and questions of all the participants.


Production Credits

Ceren ORAN & Azaleha LOPEZ (Young Dance Network) - Dance for young audiences (language: English/spanish)

Layla Raña KANAKRI  & Michelle Guerra ADAME - Dance for the very young (Language: Spanish)

Kris  GRÜN  & Franziska MOERTL - Participation & participatory performance production (language: English)

Camilla POLZER  & Ginni MANNING - Inclusive Theatre Production (language: english)

Marietheres JESSE & Mikah HEITKOTTER - CHICKS* freies performancekollektiv - Queer sexuality in TYA (language: english)

Jutta STAERK & Wolfgang STÜSSEL (Germany) - Participation of young people in the production process (Language: English/Spanish)

About the Artists

Ceren Oran (Germany) - freelance dancer, choreographer and soundpainter; core member of Young Dance Network


Azalea Lopez (Mexico) - core member of Young Dance Network


Layla Raña Kanacri (Santiago de Chile) - Actress, theater pedagogue, dubbing artist and Director. She formed and directs the Aranwa Company, performing arts for the first years since 2010. She is a founding member of the networks Vincular, YDN, TeVeo, and ASSITEJ Chile. She is also part of the Small Size Networks.


Michelle Guerra Adame (Mexico) - experienced director, pedagogue and theatre producer focused on early years. She lectures at the Faculty of Theatre of the Universidad Veracruzana. She is board member of Small Size Network.


Kris Grün (Germany) - theater maker in Berlin, she is interested in the participation of children and young people not only in theater, but especially there, in interactive performances, games and drag.


Franziska Moertl (Germany) - member of the ForesTEEN TAG Germany


Camilla Poelzer (Germany) - acress, dancer and choreographer with a disability


Ginni Manning (United Kingdom) - IIAN Board member and leadership member of the Write Local.Play Global playwright network. She's a playwright, theatre maker and writer from Liverpool, U.K. She has been awarded a grant from Arts Council England to explore the role of the playwright in TYA, looking at accessiblility in the creative process.  


Marietheres Jesse is director, performer, stage designer and theatre pedagogue and part of CHICKS* freies performancekollektiv with whom she creates productions for the theatre stage, festival formats and (performative) installations and gives feminist workshops and lectures for young people and adults in various contexts.


Jutta Staerk - develops plays based on community research processes. She has been involved in the 'International Director's Exchange' program since 2011.


Wolfgang Stüßel - actor and theatre pedagogue. He specialises in interactive work, as well as in mask theatre.


Julia Dina Hesse (Germany) - Vice President of ASSITEJ Germany and Member of the Executive Committee of ASSITEJ International. She is specialized in inter-disciplinary theatre for the youngest.


"A collaboration between ASSITEJ Germany, ASSITEJ Cuba and Young Dance Network supported by Goethe Institute."

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