Immersive & Cooperative Performance With The Audience

This is an opportunity to exchange around my practice with children, artists, professors, and educators. For the past ten years, I have been practicing immersive and cooperative performance by integrating the public into my process, from conception to production.


At first, I invite the public to have fun with their body, their voice, and their imagination. I create links within the group by encouraging individuals to work on being present, and daring them to be themselves. 


After defining an artistic purpose, in this case ‘the voices of a new world,’ I write several cycles. Together, the audience and I decide on appointments, materials, atmospheres that touch them and relate to the subject. Once all the cycles have been defined, the performance can take place, with a previously agreed ritual indicating the beginning and end of the performance.


We often close with multiple and varied exchanges that question our relationship to the world, to others and especially to children. Because, in my practice, they are our guides and our masters.

Production Credits

Caroline DUVAL, Multidisciplinary Performer

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I am a performer, actress, singer, composer, director, and art therapist. My research and professional work focus on exploring the body, voice, and imagination through theatre, movement, singing, and writing. My primary focus is on improvisation and immersive, collaborative performance. I offer contemporary spaces and experimental exchanges, tailored for audiences of all ages.
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