El Puente De Piedras Y La Piel De Imágenes
Momo and Mung remember how they first met. They don’t speak the same language, but they have a common past: the violence in their country has forced them to separate from their families. They must confront socially destroyed landscapes as they journey towards a new place to live, and the hope of a possible new world. Using empty space, five performers make use of the body and the voice to tell a tale of survival, where music, dance, masks, costumes and play speak directly to those who listen. It is an act of rescuing narration, in a community ritual reminiscent of the many traditions in which orality and ancestral imagery allow us to empathise with our pasts, with other stories and with diverse ways of life. The play reminds us that telling stories prevents the memory of a community from being extinguished.

Production Credits

Kariam VALENZUELA, Actress (Mung)
Miguel RODRÍGUEZ, Actor (Momo)
Sara RAMÍREZ, Actress (Accompanist) 
Luis CALVA, Actor (Accompanist) 
Jassiel SANTILLÁN, Actor (Accompanist) 
Daniel DANIS, Dramaturgy
Boris SCHOEMANN, Translation
Elena GUIOCHÍNS, Translation
Ramón VERDUGO, Direction
Jesús QUINTERO, Set, Costume & Prop Design
Alejandra ESCOBEDO, Lighting Design
Jassiel SANTILLÁN, Sound Design
Valeria VEGA-KURI, Assistant Director
Alejandra ENCISO, Public Relations and Press
Ramón VERDUGO, Executive Producer

About the Artists

Tijuana Hace Teatro is a Mexican company founded in 2007. Its binational work has included 18 stage productions for adults, children, and youth, encompassing national and international dramaturgy as well as new works. Among the world premieres are "A veces los perros sonríen", "También hay moscas en la luna", and "The Frontera Project," the latter allowing them to explore various geographies in the United States.


Its stage production and audience development work have been presented at over 20 festivals and congresses in Mexico, the United States, Spain, Denmark, and Armenia, participating in events such as the International Theatre Institute World Congress, Theatre Communications Group National Conference, Without Walls Festival, Odin Week Festival, Fira de Teatre Infantil I Juvenil, DramaFest, Mexican Festival of Contemporary Playwriting, and Muestra Nacional de Teatro, among others.


For over 14 years, they have organized the 'THT Binational School for Audiences THT', a theatrical appreciation program, as well as the THT Interprepas Festival, dedicated to fostering stage creation among high school students. In 2021, together with the Tijuana Cultural Center, they founded the THT Children and Youth Theatre Days, an annual Ibero-American meeting of creation and research focused on young audiences.


Since 2013, they have led the THT Taller/Lab educational platform, producing 17 stage shows. Additionally, they have been recognized by various cultural programs both nationally and internationally.

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