Meeting of the ASSITEJ International Green Team / Sustainability Committee
In January 2024 ASSITEJ has been awarded the SHIFT Eco-Certification for Cultural Networks. Part of the process was the creation of a Sustainability Policy for ASSITEJ International. 
This marks only a starting point and as we move on with the ecological sustainable transformation of our organisation, we would like to invite all our Centers and their members to become part of this journey and support us with their knowledge, experiences they made and challenges they are facing. 
Interested members are invited to this meeting of the Sustainability Committee to support our work in this area and to learn from one another. To start the dialogue, we would love to talk about our participation in SHIFT and gather feedback on our green policy.
If you would like to be involved with our Green Team in the Committee, you are welcome to join this meeting.

About the Artists

Julia Dina Heße,  Member of the Executive Committee of ASSITEJ International, Vice President of ASSITEJ Germany, based in Tübingen, Germany;


Émilie Robert, Member of the Executive Committee of ASSITEJ International, Co-President of ASSITEJ France (Scènes d’enfance), Artistic Director of Théatre La Massalia, based in Marseille, France;


Chris Blois-Brooke, Staff Member of ASSITEJ International, Founder & Director of Performing Dialogue, based in London, United Kingdom.

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