Italian Reception - Cooperation In Italian Sauce

ASSITEJ Italy and its Italian members in Cuba will discuss their cooperative projects in an interactive format. The Italian Embassy, with Linda Eroli (President of ASSITEJ Italy), Cristina Cazzola (candidate to the Executive Committee and project manager of Chain Reaction), MariaGiulia Campioli and others for Vitamin ASSITEJ will be present. Discover how networked information, the practice of recurring meetings linked to a structured system of data collection, and small, shared budgets can generate added value.


We will talk about three sharing practices that are helping to structure interconnections and build resilience within ASSITEJ Italia by producing: 

- cooperation 
- empowerment of subjects
- change of framework 
- positioning towards institutions 



You will discover ASSITEJ Vitamin, Chain Reaction and Pass! the cultural Pass for new generations, and you will have the opportunity to conceive your own small incubator of cooperation in relation to a theme that interests you.

Production Credits

Linda EROLI, ASSITEJ Italy President and CinqueT Associate 

Cristina CAZZOLA, Segni New Generations Festival, Chain Reaction & 'ForesTEEN' Project

Giovanna PALMIERI, Teatrale Trentino

Sara MOSCARDINI, Collettivo land de SI 

Veronica BASSANI, Accademia Perduta

Gessica CARBONE, Teatro Telaio

Maria Giulia CAMPIOLI, Teatro al Quadrato

Lorenzo MONTI, La Baracca

Andrea BUZZETTI, La Baracca

Bruno FRABETTI, La Baracca

Roberto FRABETTI, La Baracca

Antonella DALLA ROSA, La Baracca

Vania PUCCI, Giallomare

Lorenzo PALMIERI, Teatri del Mondo

Stefano LEVA, Teatri del Mondo

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Italian & English
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