Let's Talk about Art+ Dancing Words

Let's Talk About Art: This workshop aims to train the audience’s gaze, to facilitate a participatory path in artistic creation and escape from the binary logic of good/bad, right/wrong, like/dislike. The method is summed up in a tool we call ‘THE DRAMALYSER,’ which guides both those who observe and those who play to express accurate and precise reactions to a performance.


This tool allows artists to discuss the state of their creations, in order to improve the show and expand their creativity. This can lead to a positive change in dialogue between the public and creators, and a more participatory creation process. The method, created within Trallallero-International Festival of Theatre and Culture for the New Generations, from the team of MateâriuM, has been recently adopted as good practice by ASSITEJ Italy, and included in 'Chain Reaction Project'.


The seminar will be organised as follows:

  • Introduction: Why this concept? The curators of the method. The contribution of ASSITEJ Italy in the dissemination of the practice
  • Theory: The method. The parameters of DRAMALYSER: comprehensibility, rhythm and structure, auditory and visual aspects, actuality
  • Practice: We will give a short practical demonstration of the method in action! 


Dancing Words: The aim of the event is to focus on the verbal, critical and theoretical reflection on dance for a young audience. With this first step, we would like to stimulate the creation of analytical texts and reflections in this area in the long term. We consider diversity of research perspectives to be of great value. Through the meeting we would like to stimulate a dialogue about the strategies of writing and verbally reflecting about dance for children in different regions of the world. During the session we will:


-Practice writing while watching dance,

-Reflect on different ways and strategies of writing about dance for a young audience,

-Look into the Young Dance Network's new project of creating a database of texts about choreography for Y.A, brainstorm about potential partners of this project as well as collaborations with other networks under the umbrella of ASSITEJ International.

The 'Dancing Words' event is supported by ASSITEJ Germany. 

Production Credits

Maria Giulia CAMPIOLI, Speaker

Linda EROLI, Speaker

Anna GUBIANI, Speaker

Hanna BYLKA-KANECKA (Young Dance Network), Speaker & Facilitator 

About the Artists

Anna Gubiani Born in 1977 in San Daniele del Friuli (Italy), Anna graduated from the School of Drama in Milan and from the University of Theatre and Arts in Bologna. In 2022, she graduated in ‘Theatre Management’ from the University of Munich. She has worked in Germany since 2007 as a Dramaturg for many state theatres, including Erlangen (2007-2010), Stuttgart (2010-2012) and Esslingen (2015-present). In 2012, she co-founded of MateâriuM – a team of professionals in writing and theatre practices, based in Friuli Venezia Giulia (Italy). Since 2012, MateâriuM has been offering writing courses and dramaturgical consultancy for individuals, institutions and companies. 


Maria Giulia Campioli is the co-founder of the company Teatro al Quadrato and Artistic Director of Trallallero - International Theatre and Culture Festival for New Generations. In addition to these roles, she serves as a member of ASSITEJ Italy’s Executive Committee. She has performed in and directed dozens of shows for children and teenagers, and prefers original dramaturgies born from direct experimentation with the young recipients of the performances. With Trallallero Festival, she is a co-founder of ‘Chain Reaction Project’, which aims to improve networking and internationalization processes. She believes in the power of dialogue, and sharing quality time as a professional booster. In this world, there is enough space for everyone's dreams! 


Linda Eroli has been President of ASSITEJ Italia since 2020. Linda was born into an artistic family and grew up in a theatrical environment. Currently she is Artistic Director and Co-ordinator of Associazione 5T, an organization dedicated to promoting TYA and Puppet Theatre in the province of Reggio Emilia. She is responsible for organizing the theatre seasons and the cultural programs for schools and families. Linda is also involved in the production, distribution, and implementation of theatrical training projects, with a particular interest in internationalization processes. Since 2015 Linda has been collaborating with Accademia Perduta Romagna Teatri, Teatro Stabile dell'Emilia Romagna, as project coordinator and producer, and for Colpi di Scena, one of the prominent Italian TYA festivals.


The Young Dance Network (YDN) is a platform for professionals in the field of dance for young audiences to connect and exchange ideas. Our main goal is to support and promote the artistic development of contemporary dance for children and young audiences, which has been flourishing across Europe and other parts of the world. We believe that even in places where the contemporary dance scene is thriving, there has not been enough attention given to artistic work specifically aimed at young audiences. YDN aims to create a space for long-term networking and development, providing choreographers, dancers, and dramaturges in this field with a strong platform from which to work, grow, and invigorate contemporary dance for young audiences. We strive to build strong connections between artists, recruit new interested parties, and explore common points of interest to inspire new collaborations and exchanges. 


Hanna Bylka-Kanecka (Poznan, Poland), core member of YDN, is a theatrologist, choreographer, mother, initiator and co-founder of the Holobiont collective. She acts as the content supervisor of the 'Roztanczne Rodziny' (Dancing Families) program and has received scholarships from the Minister of Science and Higher Education, the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, and the Alternative Dance Academy. Through her creative and research endeavors, Hanna explores topics such as artistic research, the political nature of choreography, somatic practices, and psychoanalytic and posthuman reflection. 

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